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Become partners of our activities.

Through the Endowment Fund, we strive to maintain high availability of our activities for all target groups. The vast majority of events is therefore free of charge, or at a reduced fee for students, doctors and other professionals, studying or employed in the government sector.

We also gradually link information for professionals and patients so that they were comprehensible to the widest possible group of people. We are fully aware that this is a long path that never ends, but nowadays, in the time of superabundance of information, it is necessary to understand and interpreted information correctly.

In order to continue to facilitate easy access to all information, we need you, our partners, who are aware of the need for constant education and the power of sharing information. There is no better way to refine and spread knowledge than through a mutual dialogue. Whether like from time immemorial through a personal dialogue, or dialogue contemporary through sharing on platforms and networks. Each has its strengths and limits. The most important, however, is the quality and timeliness of information and the ability to orientate in it.


Therefore, we thank to all our partners and sponsors, as our activity would not be possible without them.


And we invite everyone else to participate. Help us to support our vision and contact us.


We welcome all kinds of cooperation.

Have we captivated you? We will be happy to meet you and to discuss with you the possibilities of our cooperation.

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