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The PharmAround Endowment Fund was founded in January 2015. Its activities build on a successful project called Clinical Evaluations and Pharmacology for 3rd Millennium - a Multimodal PharmAround Educational Platform, which was carried out by the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University in Brno in 2011-2014.

The aim of the endowment was to create foundations for mutual co-operation and education in the field of drug development to raise awareness of this issue among students of medicine, professionals and general public. Thus, a system involving universities, secondary medical schools, health care facilities, pharmaceutical companies and also professionals in the fields of regulation of drugs or research and development has been set up. We continue to develop their cooperation. And not only that. We realize that the availability of information for both professionals and patients in different fields of healthcare should be significantly better. We want to change that through complex training of professionals and also general public, and through support of independent access to information.

     "The enormous increase in knowledge and knowledge in research and development of pharmaceuticals and treatment methods, which has led to the need for specialization, is even more emmerging today. Its dynamics is high and it gets another dimension in the amount and complexity of regulations, legislative and ethical requirements. At the same time, several fields have specialized so much that communication between specialists groups is difficult, each of them forms a closed own world with own terminology, goals and priorities.

     So today we are facing new challenges - how to  evaluate available information effectively, how to share it among groups of experts, but also how to get them into the learning process, so that students, at the moment of their entry into practice, would not only have current views on treatment options but also on responsibilities and duties required by the legislation. Last but not least, there are also the patients. They are the centre of all medical efforts and their role will have to be changed with the increasing degree of personalization."

doc. MUDr. Regina Demlová, Ph.D.,

the founder of the Endowment Fund

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We work intensively on raising awareness of the options and contexts concerning health care in the society. Through our activities, both professionals from different disciplines, scientists, educators and the public may get a comprehensive view of the issues of the drug research and development and rational use of drugs in real clinical practice. For the specialist, we bring access to the latest knowledge from other angles of view, we facilitate open and independent discussions on socially hot topics that concern all of us. Last but not least, we aim to improve communication and access to information for all who are interested. We need to understand each other so that we could have a meaningful dialogue.

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     "It is no secret that these days the pharmaceutical industry, research, education or regulatory authorities have somewhat different priorities, even if all of them are heading in the same direction which means to the most important group, the patients. Yet, and just because, it is necessary that the knowledge, information and experience, even if they seem to be conflicting from another point of view, would be shared and would contribute to solving the problems which are more than enough on the path to the best patient care. Despite the enormous progress, we still have areas waiting to be changed – medicinal products for children or access to treatment for rare diseases. Another problem of these days is the increasing cost of innovative drugs and new medical procedures, and also long time before treatment is available to patients. Other challenges are within eyes shot. Open communication and openness to understand the view of the other party, are the only ways for everyone, especially for patients. "

MUDr. Jiří Deml, executive director


Interconnection of individual professional and expert groups so as to create an open system capable to reflect current knowledge and facilitating mutual use of the knowledge and experience of individual groups to enable complex and effective development in all fields.

Projection of these outcomes into undergraduate and postgraduate education programs so that graduates acquired a comprehensive knowledge of drug issues and got orientated in day-to-day practice, and so as to support the emergence of specialized experts in the fields that are now outside or at the edge of interest.

Linking activities and information for professionals and patients in educational programs for patients and the public in order to raise awareness of this sensitive field that affects every citizen.

Support of innovative projects and concepts both from the field of biomedical research and the field of education with focus on neglected topics.

Creation of an independent platform for the exchange of views and experiences among subjects involved in the development, clinical evaluation, regulation or use of drugs and therapeutic agents or procedures.

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MUDr. Jiří Deml

Executive Director

+420 603 810 911

Ing. Jolana Tužilová


+420 732 105 090


doc. MUDr. Regina Demlová, Ph.D., the Chair of the Board of Directors

JUDr. Radek Policar, Member of the Board of Directors

doc. RNDr. Lenka Zdražilová Dubská, Ph.D., Member of the Board of Directors

MUDr. Jiří Deml, Member of the Board of Directors

PharmDr. Šárka Kozáková, MBA, Member of the Board of Directors

Ing. Radka Černá, the Auditor


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Charter of the Endowment (CZ)

Material Contract of Donation (CZ)

A copy of an entry of the Commercial register (CZ)

Purposeful Contract of Donation (CZ)

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