How healthy are Pureganic’s meat alternatives?

Our meat alternatives are made in our 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher kitchen. Every product is made with the highest quality and freshest, real plant-based ingredients available. Our meat alternatives have a natural amount of iron, potassium, vitamin d, calcium, and protein straight from mother nature.ss "Manage Questions" button.

What do I do to prepare my plant-based burger or crabless cake?

Just heat and serve. Our products arrive cooked and ready to eat.

Are they all safe to eat if I am gluten-free, vegan, or kosher?

Yes. Everything made by Pureganic comes from a kitchen that is 100% plant-based, gluten-free, organic, and certified kosher.

What is the shelf life?

Because our products don’t have preservatives, you should enjoy your order when you receive it or freeze it. Freezing our plant-based burgers and crabless cakes will allow you to keep them for a few months instead of eating them when they arrive.

How do I store my plant-based burger or crabless cake?

The only way to store our plant-based burgers or crabless cakes is to freeze them.

What is your return policy?

Because we can not take back food, there are no returns. If there is a problem with the order, please get in touch with us and send us a photo of the item along with an explanation of the problem. If we agree, we will be happy to give you a credit to be used on future orders.

What are they made of?

Our meat alternatives are made from the highest and most natural ingredients available. Our white bean burger has: White Bean, Mushroom, Oats, Onion, thyme, Sage, Salt, Pepper, Chia Our quinoa burger has: Quinoa,‌ ‌carrot,‌ ‌zucchini,‌ ‌onion,‌ ‌celery,‌ ‌salt,‌ ‌paprika,‌ ‌oregano,‌ ‌turmeric,‌ ‌olive‌ ‌oil‌ ‌ Our lentil burger has: Lentil, Sunflower Seeds, Carrots, Onion, Oat Flour, Garlic, Miso, Tamari, Chia, Olive Oil Our crabless cakes have: Chickpeas, Hearts of Palm, Artichoke, Lemon, Chia, Avocado Dressing, Worcestershire Sauce, GF Panko, Garlic, Dijon Mustard, Dulse, Salt, Old Bay, Scallion, Dill, Parsley Our black bean burger has: Black beans, beets, brown rice, salt, pepper, olive oil, gf vegan crunch

How long will they take to arrive?

Depending on where you live, shipments typically take between 1-3 business days.

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