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Nowadays, access to information is easy, but that is not enough in itself. The information needs to be understood as well. Therefore our activities are also targeted towards public and patient organizations – patients, family members, elderly citizens and highschool students. An informed patient who is interested in his own health is very important. For all of us it is necessary to understand well when we need to make a dicision.

According to variety of studies in the Czech Republic more than 90% of people over age 65 use medicine on a regular basis and it is almost 50% in secondary school children. Different medicine combinations cause side effects that are often unable to be prevented by uninformed doctor. We are trying to change that. We would like to make laic public to become informed patients. Such patient takes a postitive attitude to his own disease, he overcomes the fear of the unknown by seeking information. Such person is then motivated enough to co-decide on his treatment and moves to a partner position in dialogue with a doctor. This relationship brings plenty of advantages – doctors can actively consult their patient´s treatment and patients fully understand all the risks and basics of their disease. Let´s take a look at the medicine issues together!

For students of the last year of secondary school, for patients, their family members and seniors we currently offer these seminars:

  • Researching new medicines, myths and reality

  • What do we know about medicine

  • Why not be afraid of clinical medicine testing

For more information please contact: Ing. Andrea Křístková

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