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Researchers have found antitumor effects in a drug for alcoholics

Scientists from an international team, in which researchers from Olomouc were also involved, managed to find extraordinary antitumor effects in the drug against alcohol dependence. Disulfiram, known commercially as Antabus, could be used in the future to fight cancer. A study by a team led by scientists from the Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine (IMC) of the Medical Faculty of Palacký University in Olomouc was published by one of the most prestigious scientific journals, Nature. University representatives informed about it.

Clinical studies will show how much the discovery can actually be used to introduce new cancer treatments. The research involved Czech scientists led by Jiří Bártek and other researchers from Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, the USA and Canada. "The work is based on an epidemiological study performed on Danish patients - alcoholics, in whom a malignant disease was found. It turned out that patients who continued to take disulfiram even after the cancer diagnosis had a significantly lower risk of death than patients who stopped taking it, "said university representatives.

You can find the whole article here.

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