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Masaryk University creates platform for education and cooperation in the field of drug development

Creation of a platform of mutual cooperation and education in the field of drug development is the main objective of the new project of the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University. The intention reflects very low awareness about this issue both among the physicians and among the new generations of medical students. The project named PharmAround, for which the University has been granted over 24 million CZK from the Operational Programme “Education for Competitiveness”, therefore intends to create the system, which schools, hospitals, institutions and pharmaceutical companies will participate in.

Brno, 23. August 2011

“Awareness about the issue of clinical studies and specific running projects focused on new therapeutic methods is very low and shallow, unfortunately even among the physicians and other specialists. The physicians are for instance unable to inform the patients adequately about the possibility of his/her inclusion into a clinical study and the patients themselves are unable to obtain such information “ says Regina Demlová, the PharmAround project manager.

Not only the system of specialized training courses for the students, physicians, teachers, lecturers and researchers, but for instance the website enabling orientation in the issue even for the general public, will be the very result of the project. Besides the non-existing systematic education of the specialists no well-elaborated system of awareness about what studies are running in the Czech Republic and how and when you can join them is available either.

The new sets of educational training courses that will arise within the scope of the project will be focused not only on development of the drugs and individual phases of clinical studies, but even on their ethic aspects, issue of marketing authorization of the new drugs, issue of generic drugs as well as on the modern therapies or on pharmacoeconomics and biostatistics. “The educational activities of the project will cover all development phases of the drug, starting by clinical studies and ending by monitoring of occurrence of adverse effects. Graduates of the training courses will thus obtain a very useful piece of knowledge for their practice, “ adds Regina Demlová.

Main partners of the project: State Institute for Drug Control, Teva and Parexel companies and High Vocational School of Health Žerotínovo náměstí and Merhautova.

Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University is one of four founding faculties of Masaryk University established in 1919. Nowadays it educates over 4000 students in the classic fields of study of general medicine and dentistry as well as in specialized fields of study.

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