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The aim of this project is to identify, modify and implement new effective models for risk sharing (Outcome-based models) applicable and acceptable in Czech Republic while accessing the healthcare market with new medicine in view of a long-term financial sustainability of the healthcare system and the other concerned segment interests (payers, regulators, registration holders, pactient organizations and health service providers) as:

  • fast and wider access to a modern treatment,

  • high focus on treatments outcome,

  • healthcare improvement, 

  • transparent and united procedure of projecting these models,

  • easily controllable and reduced administrative burden,

  • eaqual attitude. 

Oncology was chosen as pilot project. 

In cooperation with universities we develop and establish an education system for professional public on a topic of economic clinical evaluation of medicine, other medical technologies and mechanisms for opening it faster for patients in the Czech Republic. The goal is to educate payers, regulators, registration holders, non-professional public, patient organization a and health service providers continuously in a system projecting and efectivity of using and controlling models for sharing risks while implemetning medical technologies.

For more information please contact: MUDr. Jiří Deml

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