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What does PharmAround mean?

PharmAround is a combination of two English expressions that characterizes the project. "PHARM" as the word root of all that concerns the field of PHARMACEUTICALS, and "AROUND" as an expression of the fact that this project deals with everything AROUND pharmaceuticals and treatment options.

Why has the project arisen?

The PharmAround project has arisen as an interactive platform for mutual collaboration, education and a transfer of experience in the field of drug development. The aim is to create an open system of mutual cooperation and education in the field of drug development. Not only to raise awareness of this issue among students of medicine, but also professionals and general public.

What is the registration fee for PharmAround events?

Through the Endowment Fund, we strive to maintain high availability for all target groups. Entry to most of the events is therefore either free of charge, or at a reduced fee, for students, doctors and other non-profit-making professionals, learners or employed in the government sector. This does not apply to employees and co-workers from the commercial sector and any accompanying events.

Why to register?

What are the benefits of registering? Above all, because of the opportunity to sign in to our professional seminars in a quick and simple way and thus to get presentations and documents of them in electronic, audio or video forms. You also get access to educational materials and videos shared only for registered users. Registration is simple and fast, allowing you to keep in touch with the latest information.

How can I register to PharmAround activities?

You can register for seminars, workshops, conferences and Summer PharmAround School through our websites, where you can always find a list of current events. It's good for you to register as a user and get your profile. Then signing up will be very fast and easy.

Who can attend the workshops?

Our target groups are undergraduate students (at medical and pharmaceutical faculties and also at higher medical schools), and especially groups of professionals in the field of drug development, ie doctors, Ph.D. students, academics, researchers and educators. Events and activities also for patients and the general public will be gradually added. All events are obviously open to anyone interested, just take into account that if you do not have a professional background, some information may be less comprehensible and its interpretations incorrect.

Will the general public also find information here?

It is our goal is to involve patients and the general public as much as possible in our activities. Gradually, the contents intended for these groups will be broadened. However, you will not find divisions between laymen and experts from the very beginning - all information is available to everyone - just take into account that if you do not have a professional background, some information may be less comprehensible and its interpretations incorrect.

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