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The PharmAround workshop: the issue of evaluating the clinical benefit of innovative pharmacotherapy

27. 4. 2017 | Brno

Almost a hundred experts visited the fifth PharmAround workshop and the Masaryk Institute of Oncology on Wednesday, April 26. They exchanged views on very current topics related to costly innovative pharmacotherapy in oncology. For the first time ever, experts from abroad also took part in the event. The workshop was held at the Brno Exhibition Grounds as part of the 41st Brno Oncology Days. "The lectures included much-discussed topics related to the entry of innovative drugs into oncology practice. On the one hand, the lecturers pointed out the significant clinical benefits of these drugs for cancer patients, but also their high and ever-increasing costs. It is essential that all those affected by this issue, ie regulators, payers, physicians and other experts, find agreement on how to evaluate the clinical benefit and how to set the economic sustainability of health costs, "said the member of the program committee of the Brno Oncology Days and the head Department of Clinical Trials of the Masaryk Cancer Institute doc. MUDr. Regina Demlova, PhD. The workshop was divided into two blocks. The first was devoted to national aspects and views on the possibilities of evaluating clinical benefit. In his statements, doc. J. Fínek, doc. T. Büchler and Mgr. R. Halouzek focused on the clinical reality and the possibilities of evaluating the clinical benefit, as well as the legal context and responsibility in treatment. In the subsequent discussion, the chairman of the block, doc. J. Prausová, chairwoman of the Czech Oncological Society, drew attention to the fundamental unresolved relationship between the obligation to treat patients according to current knowledge and the limitation of treatment costs by payers. The long-term failure to solve this condition brings fundamental problems not only to doctors in outpatient clinics but also in the overall care of patients. The second part was focused on the presentation of international experience in entering the market of expensive cancer treatment. These in the countries of the European Union differ significantly from the principles used in the Czech Republic. In his lecture, Tim Wildson focused on various options for solving the entry into the market of very expensive treatment. Cathrin Schaefer's lecture further developed his experience about the possibilities and experience with their application from the perspective of an innovative pharmaceutical company. In the discussion of prof. Jan Žaloudík drew attention to the sharp rise in the price of oncology treatment in recent years and stated that cooperation in this area is necessary and must include greater support for the pharmaceutical industry in the area of pricing new drugs, which would reflect economic reality.

"We will continue to organize the PharmAround workshop in the coming years. We will continue to focus on current topics in the entire field of drug life cycle. Whether it is innovation in clinical trials or the issue of pharmacoeconomic trials. We plan to involve patient organizations more actively, “ added doc. Demlová.

The PharmAround Endowment Fund was established in January 2015. Its activities follow on from the successful project of the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University. Its aim is to increase educational awareness of drug life cycle issues, especially in relation to clinical trials, pharmacovigilance or pharmacoeconomic aspects of costly pharmacotherapy, including the issue of impact on clinical practice ( The endowment fund organizes professional courses, workshops and conferences for doctors, teachers, researchers and students. ContactIng. Andrea Křístková, coordinator of the PharmAround endowment fund, tel: +420 608 407 900 Mgr. Petra Srstková, marketing & media specialist, tel: +420 730 177 010

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