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Specialists will be discussing about clinical trials – at the Senate of the Parliament of the CR


Brno – How crucial is role of academic clinical trials for example in a development of medicinal products for modern therapy? What does legislation involve in relation to them? How difficult is to do clinical trials today and in the future? Or how big importance has it got from pharmaceutical industry point of view or patients? Clinical trials across their breadth will be discussed by wide range of experts. On National Clinical Trials day of that will be held on Tuesday May 23rd from 9:30 in main chamber of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The Conference will take place on the occasion of International Clinical Trials Day that is held in the middle of May every year. The patronage of the conference was taken over by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Health and Social Policy of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and the Director of the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute prof. MUDr. Jan Žaloudík, CSc. with the cooperation of the research infrastructure of the Czech Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (CZECRIN) and the PharmAround, endowment fund. Clinical trials and experience are shared by Education and Health ministries representatives, State Institute for Drug control, Academic institutions, Research laboratories or patients organizations. „Clinical trials have crucial significance in assessing effectiveness and safety inovative way of cure. They are important also in proving of the new indications of already registred medicines and in comparison to previously approved treatments. For clinical research and especially for clinical trials the cooperation and coordination is very important – nationaly and internationaly as well. That contributes to faster results with the aim of bringing benefits to patients worldwide.“ Described the head of Clinical Trials Department of the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute and PharmAround founder doc. MUDr. Regina Demlová, PhD. She specified that International Clinical Trials day is celebrated every year on May 20th. The day when Scottish doctor James Lind in 1747 began working on his studies that compared the different treatments of scurvy. „He divided seamen into two groups that had been affected by curvy after two months of sailing. The first one received apart from the same food a quarter of a centimetre of apple, the other twenty-five drops of vitriol (sulfuric acid) elixir, the third one six teaspoons of vinegar, fifth pounds of sea water, two oranges and lemon and the sixth one spicy paste with hail. The treatment of the group that received the fruit had to be completed after six days, because the fruit had occurred, but for that time only one sailor was fully qualified to serve and the others almost recovered. A certain improvement was occurred at the first group that was receiving sweet cider. Well a hundreds years ago before discovery of vitamins, Lind had been pushing this diet as necessary for long-term shipping and at the same time he was guided by his own research procedures“ said Doc. Demlova. Program: 9:30 – 11:00 – Clinical trials in Czech Republic in context of nowadays 11:30 – 13:00 – Clinical trials and modern technology 14:00 – 15:45 – The Present and Future of Clinical trials in Czech Republic 15:45 – 16:00 – Discussion and the conclusion CZECRIN is the Czech network of clinical research infrastructures that connects faculty hospitals, physicians and scientists focused to clinical trials across the Czech republic. It cooperates with its EU partner, the European Network of Clinical Research Infrastructure (ECRIN). Their common goal is to work on academic clinical trials on international level. Every year, around the 20th of May, the International Day of Clinical Trials meetings and celebrations are held for both professional and non-professional public. The PharmAround, endowment fund was founded in January 2015. Its aim is to raise awareness through the educational activities of the life-cycle issues of pharmaceuticals, in particular in relation to clinical trials, pharmacovigilance or pharmaco-economic aspects. The endowment fund organizes professional courses, workshops and conferences for doctors, educators, researchers and students. Contact Ing. Andrea Křístková, coordinator PharmAround, endowment fund, tel: +420 608 407 900 Mgr. Petra Srstková, marketing&media specialist, tel: +420 730 177 010 Disctionary of terms Scurvy(Curd) Curd is a disease caused by a long-term lack of vitamin C in the diet. Unlike most animals and plants, the human body is unable to synthesize this vitamin, so it must be taken in the diet. At present, this disease is relatively rare, occurring occasionally only in very poor third world regions. Previously suffered especially by poor people, especially in the winter months or sailors during long voyages. The disease is manifested especially by gum bleeding, under the skin, muscles, nail beds, internal organs, reduced disease resistance and hematopoietic disorders.

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