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How to change the position of patients in the Czech system? Better information + greater involvement

In the Czech Republic, patients' rights are very often discussed. However, there is less talk about how vaguely they are sometimes defined, and also about the fact that patients should have responsibilities and obligations in addition to rights. However, one important thing is needed for them: namely, information, which is poor in the Czech Republic.

At the same time, patients should be aware of both the economic aspect, which they can get an idea of as much as possible from the health insurance company's statement, and the qualitative one - which, however, is a completely impossible mission in our country. The involvement of people in taking care of their own health is thus minimal. At least in the context of secondary prevention in chronicles, patient organizations play their role, but otherwise the pressure to involve policyholders is negligible. For example, nominal premiums, co-payments, above-standards, bonuses or malnuses by health insurance companies could help. The issue was discussed by experts at the May seminar of the Citizen Association entitled "What is the position of citizens / patients in our healthcare system".

You can find the whole article here.

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