Do you want to know what projects we are dealing with or engage in?

The aim of this project is to identify, modify and implement new effective models for risk sharing (Outcome-based models) applicable and acceptable in Czech Republic while accessing the healthcare market with new medicine in view of a long-term financial sustainability of the healthcare system and the other concerned segment interests (payers, regulators, registration holders, pactient organizations and health service providers).

The aim of this project is to give patients and as well to physicyans an insight into clinical trials. In collaboration with proffesionals we want to raise awareness of goals, principles and progress of clinical trials to show a comprehensive view of current possibilites of utilization of clinical trials. With patient organizations we want to explain it in an easy way how helpful for patients is to use these trials, how to understand it, where to find information and for what to be prepared.

One of the main aims of PharmAround foundation is to support sharing knowledges and experiences among different groups of professionals. With this aim we organize specialized educating courses, congresses and trainings as well as round-table discussions.

PharmAround supports education within the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University in Brno. Within the Pharmacology education the knowledge and experience from research and pharmaceutical development are implemented as well as its pre- and clinical trials, knowledges from the medicine regulation and medical devices field. Attention is paid to the main information about principles of functioning of pharmaceutical industry, production, distribution and advertisement with the aim of transmitting these information to students and show them the complex view of life cycle of medicine.

Nowadays, access to information is easy, but that is not enough in itself. The information needs to be understood as well. Therefore our activities are also targeted towards public and patient organizations – patients, family members, elderly citizens and highschool students. An informed patient who is interested in his own health is very important. For all of us it is necessary to understand well when we need to make a dicision.