„Outcome-Based Models“ in reimbursement procedures of innovative oncologic treatment

  1. 5. 2018

Let us invite you to the workshop organised by PharmAround endowment fund and Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute „Outcome-Based Models“ in reimbursement procedures of innovative oncologic treatment. The workshop will be held on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at Brno Exhibition Centre pavilon E as part of the 42st Brno Oncology Days Conference.

For the program of the workshop please click here.

More information about the Brno Oncology Days Conference and detail program are available on www.onkologickedny.cz

For registration please click here (registration is provided via konference registration page).

Note – for attending the PharmAround workshop you have to be registered! Please ensure your registration in advance.


Participation in the workshop PharmAround is free of charge.


In case of any questions don´t hesitate to contact:

Ing. Andrea Křístková

Pharmaco-economy specialists, hospital management, market access experts

Exhibition pavilion "E", Brno Exhibition Centre