He has given me fate, but I am still learning, says Nestor of Czech Pharmacology

Critical and vividly debating. A top scientist equipped with a dynamic engine that could propel a couple of perfectly filled lives. With the nestor of Czech pharmacy and pharmacology professor Jaroslav Květina we talked immediately after receiving the highest honors of CzMA JEP, the prize of J. E. Purkyně.

At the age of 87, he is a member of a successful scientific team, where he is in charge of “inventive tasks”. This year, this team has published a work on the absorption of 5-aminosalicylic acid using a wireless capsular endoscopy in the prestigious Impact magazine Current Pharmaceutical Design, where prof. Květina is the first author. It is mean, that he is again – as all over his life – in the role of a visionary, whose ideas are confirmed by practice. Like when he founded the faculty of pharmacy and the branch of clinical pharmacy, or the Institute of the Academy of Sciences. Each one of these acts would provide him with no-one glory. But he is the most valued of his scientific work.

You can find the whole interview here.


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