On wednesday 23.4.2014, I took part in a very interesting workshop about interpretation of Results of Clinical Studies in Oncology in the Personalized Medicine Era.

The workshop was focused on problems of targeted biological treatment in oncology. The topic was very well chosen regarding the fact that the traditional conference „ Brno oncological days“  was following the next day. 

The opening lecture of doctor Demlová was devoted to the personalized therapy from the view of the development in time and its current concept.  Doctor Demlová particularly emphasised the fact, that we should think in a “personalized” way not only about the tumor itself, but also about its host - the patient, including possible pharmacogenetically determined interindividual variabilities. In the next lecture, doctor
Kubáčková was talking about personalization of the therapy of the tumor itself, about the influence of the microclimate and possibilities of targeted treatment in the real practice as well as in the clinical research. The third lecture impressed me very much too. Doctor Fabián, pathologist from MOÚ, presented interesting facts about conservation of samples of oncological tissue and issues related to it, about requirements pathologist has to face due to the fast developement nowadays and about the roles of each professional in sampling, sample fixation and interpretation.The top part of the afternoon was the workshop presenting examples of real oncological trials with targeted dosing. This workshop was performed  in a very original way. In the first part, doctors Kubáčková and Obermannová or docent Büchler presented a concrete clinical trial. They stressed problems they see in the study design from the clinical doctor’s point of view and presented them as a question for the statistician. In the second part, the biostatistician doctor Svobodník analysed those questions, explained and assessed them.

It was really interesting for me to see a clinical trial this way – from more different views.
I believe that also the audience was motivated to think about the design of clinical trials in general.

Irena Součková, Farmakologický ústav LF MU, Kamenice 5,  Brno