Internship in the Epilepsy Centre Philadelphia, Dianalund, Denmark

In the period 03.09.2012 – 13.09.2012 I took part in the internship in the Epilepsy Centre Philadelphia in Dianalund, Denmark.

The internship was focused on familiarization with operation and organization of the Centre. Everyday I took part in the morning conferences and then I spent the day under the leading of M.D. Marina Nikanor in the section of children’s epilepsy, where I was present in consultations and examinations of the patients in the out- or in-patient department; wards in the in-department took place twice a week. I was given the possibility to familiarize myself with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the field of children’s epilepsy, incl. the rare forms of children’s epileptic encephalopathy. I have been familiarized mainly with therapy of the Dravet syndrome, Lenox-Gastaut syndrome, etc. The Centre is also specialized in implantations of the vag stimulator and ketogenic diet, I could be present in the procedures connected with application of these therapeutic methods.

The second part of the internship was passed under the leading of M.D. Sandor Beniczky in the centre of electrophysiology, where I was familiarized with organization and work on the video EEG monitoring unit, I could see practical application of the ictal SPECT and could consult indications of long-time video EEG monitoring. I was also present in indication epilepsy-surgical meetings and conferences.

I assess the internship very positively. I was familiarized with diagnostic procedures in the patients suffering from epilepsy, in particular with possibilities of genetic diagnostics as well as with therapeutic procedures utilizing pharmacotherapy by the drugs which are not commonly widespread in our country and with non-pharmacologic procedures, like vag stimulation and ketogenic diet.

M.D. Pavlína Cahová