Notes from travels

Within the scope of the project our colleagues pass internships, conferences and training courses abroad. Their experience, observations and remarks will be shared here.

  • School of clinical trials in practice Detail

    On 2. 4.- 4. 4. 2014 the PharmAround platform organised an event called ,,School of clinical trials in practice" in the hotel Medlov in Fryšava pod Žákovou horou.


  • Workshop Detail

    On wednesday 23.4.2014, I took part in a very interesting workshop about interpretation of Results of Clinical Studies in Oncology in the Personalized Medicine Era.


  • International Clinical Trials Day Detail

    The International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated annually on 20 May, i.e. on the day when James Lind began in 1747 his controlled study comparing different method of scurvy treatment.


  • Kick-off meeting ECRIN - Brussels Detail

    On 19 January 2012 we were given the possibility to participate in the kick-off meeting of the ECRIN Integrating Activity which took place in Brussels. The meeting was focused on opening of the ECRIN Integrating Activity of the project and on link with other running activities in individual ECRIP WP. The kick-off meeting of the ECRIN Integrating Activity was running in presence of 33 participants from 23 countries.



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