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For the autumn semester the RECAMO Centre and the Institute of Pharmacology of the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University has prepared a new subject for postgraduate students of the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Science of Masaryk University focused on development of medicinal products.

The student will learn the “evidence-based medicine” concept, personalization of therapy, therapy prediction and development of biomarkers in oncology. By passing the subject, the student will be familiarized – in link with specific fields of the tumour biology and the drug life cycle - with the following: development, pre-clinical testing and characterization of drugs, development of therapeutic antibodies, clinical trials, incl. the regulatory and legislative aspects. The student will know definition, regulatory and legislative aspects of the modern therapy and will learn the latest knowledge and procedures of the gene and cellular therapy in oncology in greater details. The student will be familiarized with the current state of personalized therapy of hemato-oncological malignities, solid tumours of adults and childhood malignities.


  • M.D. Regina Demlová, PhD.
  • Doc. M.D. Andrea Janíková, PhD.
  • Prof. M.D. Kateřina Kaňková, PhD.
  • M.D. Rudolf Nenutil, CSc.
  • M.D. Petr Müller, PhD.
  • Doc. M.D. Luděk Pour, PhD.
  • prof. M.D. Jaroslav Štěrba, PhD.
  • Doc. M.D. Dalibor Valík, PhD.
  • RNDr. Bořivoj Vojtěšek, DrSc.
  • Prof. M.D. Rostislav Vyzula, PhD.
  • RNDr. Lenka Zdražilová Dubská, PhD.

Programme of lectures:
17. 9. 2013 Paradigm of Personalized Medicine and Principles of Personalized Therapy (prof. Kaňková)

24. 9. 2013 Biology of Tumour Cells with Respect to Prospective Objectives of Anti-tumour Therapy (dr. Zdražilová Dubská)

1. 10. 2013 Pharmacogenetics, Development of Biomarkers and “Omics” in Personalized Therapy (doc. Valík)

8. 10. 2013 Use of Tumour Tissue in Drug Development and In Personalization of Therapy in Oncology (Dr. Nenutil)

15. 10. 2013 Development, Pre-clinical Testing and Drug Characterization (Drug Development) (Dr. Müller)

22. 10. 2013 Development, Characterization and Production of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Antibodies (Dr. Vojtěšek)

29. 10. 2013 Clinical Trials (Dr. Demlová)

5. 11. 2013 Modern Therapy (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) (Dr. Demlová)

12. 11. 2013 Gene Therapy in Oncology (Dr. Müller)

19. 11. 2013 Cell Therapy in Oncology (Dr. Zdražilová Dubská)

26. 11. 2013 Personalized Therapy of Hemato-oncological Malignities (doc. Janíková / doc. Pour)

3. 12. 2013 Personalized Pharmacotherapy of Solid Tumours in Adults (prof. Vyzula)

10. 12. 2013 Personalized Therapy of Malign Diseases in Childhood (prof. Štěrba)

The students enrol the subject as a specialized preparation/training. Registration for individual lectures – on the website, where annotation of individual lectures can be found.


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