Idea of a joint clinical study

The DIA (Drug Information Association) specialists have discussed the possibility of cooperation of more pharmaceutical companies within the scope of a single clinical study.

During the panel discussion the DIA specialists tried to find answer to the question: Why is development of a new drug so expensive and why does it last so long? What could be done with it?

An interesting idea was presented by Dalvir Gill, namely when two or more companies develop different drugs for the same disease, the drug could be assessed within the scope of a single clinical trial.
Both the costs and the time could be saved.

It is really a very interesting idea and it most probably could save the costs and time. Nevertheless in case of this type of the study a great attention will have to be paid to a correct design, statistical schedule as well as to creation of just contracts between the companies. It is also necessary to add that use of placebo mentioned in the article is not very widespread and not supported from ethic reasons.


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