ATB resistance genes found in bacteria

Scientists have discovered antibiotic resistance genes in the bacteria of remote S. American tribe who have had no contact with the industrialized world or exposure to antibiotic drugs.

This discovery suggests that the ability to resist antibiotics was already in the human body long before today's antibiotic drugs were developed. The researchers found that the tribespeople's microbiome was much more diverse than that of the typical Western person. The team was surprised to find that many of the resistance genes they found in the bacteria from the tribespeople deactivated not only natural antibiotics but also synthetic and semi-synthetic antibiotics. Researchers suggest that there is a link between, on one hand, decreased bacterial diversity, industrialized diets and modern antibiotics, and on the other, immunological and metabolic diseases - such as obesity, asthma, allergies and diabetes, which have dramatically increased since the 1970s.

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