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What does PharmAround stand for?

PharmAround is a phrase of two English terms characterizing the project. PHARM is the word base of everything what concerns the pharmaceuticals (drugs) and AROUND reflects the fact that the project is focused on everything AROUND drugs.

Why was the project created?

The PharmAround project has arisen as the interactive platform of mutual cooperation, education and experience sharing in the field of drug development.

How is the project funded?

From 2011 – 2014 Pharmaround was carried out thanks to the Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness (OP VK), it was funded from the European Social Fund and state budget of the Czech Republic. Nowadays its activities are ensured thanks to an endowment fund – Pharmaround, endowment fund.

What is the registration fee for the PharmAround events?

Via the endowment fund our objective is to keep the high availability for all the target groups. An overwhelmig majority of events is therefore free for students, doctors and other nonprofit professionals studying or employed by state.  This is not relevant for commercional employees and coworkers and eventual accompanying events. 

How can I register myself for the PharmAround event?

You can register for  PharmAround seminars, workshops, conferences and summer school via our website, where you can find the continuously updated list of events.

Who are the lecturers in the specialized events?

All specialized events accommodate the leading specialists, for instance from Masaryk University, from the University Hospital Brno, St. Ann’s University Hospital, Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, State Institute for Drug Control, from our partner companies (Parexel, Teva) and from a number of other institutions, incl. from abroad. Individual events are accompanied by the information about the lecturers. 

Who can participate in the seminars?

The pre-gradual students (faculties of medicine, faculties of pharmacy, high vocational schools of health) and particularly the group of the specialists engaged in the field of drug development, i.e. physicians, Ph.D. students, academic staff, researchers, teachers and lecturers, represent our target groups.

Can even the general public find useful information here?

We are fully aware of the informational gap in this area and we fully support participation of patients, patient organizations and general public.

Do you have other question?

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