Pharmacovigilance and Safety of Drugs, Problems of Drug Counterfeits


The lecture will take place from 3:00pm till 5:30pm.
The lecture is devoted to the function of pharmacovigilance within the scope of the life cycle of the drug and roles of individual participants of the pharmacovigilance system, i.e. healthcare workers, patients, marketing authorization authorities and marketing authorization holders. The final part of the lecture will be devoted to the conditions, under which the medicinal products can be used off the approved conditions and terms of use, i.e. off label administration.

The lecture is free.


Bc. Eva Bláblová,, GSM: 725 828 348, 549 49 7039

The course is intended for physicians, academics, Ph.D. students and other professionals

Boardroom deanery LF MU, Brno University Campus Bohunice, Hall 17 A, 4th NP, room 432