Determination of Prices and Reimbursement for Medicinal Products


The process of decision taking concerning the maximum prices and the level and conditions of reimbursement of the medicinal products (MP) takes place in the regime of the administrative proceedings; under the applicable law the health insurance companies and the marketing authorization holders are obliged to participate in these proceedings. The maximum prices and the level of reimbursement of the medicinal products are determined mainly based on comparison with the prices from abroad, but with application of differing principles. For purpose of determination of the level and conditions of reimbursement the medicinal products are valued by assessing efficacy, safety and status in clinical practice. With respect to the criteria above the therapeutically replaceable medicinal products are included in the reference groups. The cost efficacy and impact on budget (if a new medicinal product is launched or in case of changed level or conditions of its reimbursement) is examined as well. Main topics of the lecture: principles of determination of prices and reimbursements in CR, changes connected with amendment to the Act on Public Health Insurance and problems arising from changed level and conditions of reimbursement of the medicinal products, which the health care providers deal with.



Radka Černá
Manager of the Department of Health Insurance Companies, Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute


M.D. Mgr. Jindřich Kotrba, Ph.D.
SÚKL (State Institute for Drug Control)


Mgr. Barbora Říhová, Ph.D.
Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University

The lecture is free.

The course is intended for physicians, academics, Ph.D. students and other professionals

Boardroom deanery LF MU, Brno University Campus Bohunice, Hall 17 A, 4th NP, room 432