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17.12. 2018

PharmAround 2018 Conference


26.7. 2018

Children have the right to decide on their treatment, experts agreed on the 3rd National Clinical Trials Day

May 2018, Prague The number of newly started clinical trials in the Czech Republic is on the decrease and number of those that focus on a treatment of pediatric patients is even less. However, their importance to patients and doctors is enormous. The experts from all over the Czech Republic and from abroad discussed the...

outcome-based-modely-pro uhrady-inovativnich-leciv-v-onkologii
23.7. 2018

„Outcome-Based Models“ in reimbursement procedures of innovative oncologic treatment


20.11. 2017

PharmAround 2017 Conference


17.10. 2017

Specialists will be discussing about clinical trials – at the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech republic.

May 2017, Brno Brno – How crucial is role of academic clinical trials for example in a development of medicinal products for modern therapy?  What does legislation involve in relation to them? How difficult is to do clinical trials today and in the future? Or how big importance has it got from pharmaceutical industry point...

28.8. 2017

He has given me fate, but I am still learning, says Nestor of Czech Pharmacology

Critical and vividly debating. A top scientist equipped with a dynamic engine that could propel a couple of perfectly filled lives. With the nestor of Czech pharmacy and pharmacology professor Jaroslav Květina we talked immediately after receiving the highest honors of CzMA JEP, the prize of J. E. Purkyně. At the age of 87, he is a...

23.8. 2017

Masaryk University creates platform for education and cooperation in the field of drug development.

August 2011, Brno Creation of a platform of mutual cooperation and education in the field of drug development is the main objective of the new project of the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University. The intention reflects very low awareness about this issue both among the physicians and among the new generations of medical students....

23.5. 2017

National Clinical Trials Day 2017

23. 5. 2017

26.4. 2017

Value-based Medicine in innovative cancer treatment

26. 4. 2017

1.2. 2017

Towards better medicines for children: PedCRIN project builds research infrastructure

PARIS (31 January 2017) – The European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN) has announced the launch of the Paediatric Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (PedCRIN). The three-year project brings together ECRIN and the founding partners of the European Paediatric Clinical Trial Research Infrastructure (EPCT-RI) to develop capacity for the management of multinational paediatric clinical trials. Children represent...